Drinking Aloe Vera is the Shiznits Ya’ll!!!

Aloe Vera

I tell my clients that I am a human guinea pig when it comes to supplements. I have pretty much tried every supplement on the market. I do this so I can speak intelligently, and with some authority, on the subject of  supplements in general. Of course I haven’t ingested every single supplement brand out there, that would take Years! But I try to test all of the major supplements that are on the market.

In 20 years plus of personal training I had never drank Aloe Vera. In fact I didn’t even know that was something people did. My previous life experience with Aloe Vera had nothing to do with drinking Aloe.

My limited experience with Aloe has pretty much been relegated to my elementary school years. I used to live in Hawaii, and without fail, this extremely white boy would turn into a bright red lobster every couple of months. Aloe Vera and I became quite good friends during those very painful lobster days. I would gently rub Aloe on my burnt skin to soothe the flaming pain that only a glorious sunburn causes. Drinking Aloe wasn’t even a thought in my mind!

Now it is a totally different story! This stuff ROCKS!!! In this Blog post and the following ones, I am going to give you a few physiological and chemical reasons why this stuff is good for you, but let me just tell you from personal experience that this stuff has made a dramatically positive impact on my problematic stomach.

I have stomach problems. Nothing drastic that has put me in a hospital. But I have dealt with stomach and acid reflux pain all of my life. It has never kept me from doing Jiu Jitsu, MMA, or any form of lifting because I refuse to let it defeat me. But make no mistake, it has always been there.

In all my years of sampling various stomach remedies, I never found anything that had helped my stomach issues like Aloe Vera did. It has been a God send! The closest I came to alleviating the pain was drinking Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic). The one I drink actually has 26 grams of actual Ginger in each bottle so it is definitely legit. But still the Ginger Beer hasn’t come close to helping me the way Aloe Vera has!

So what exactly does Aloe Vera contain? What makes it so effective in receiving stomach pain and acid-reflux?

Salicylic Acid
Salicylic Acid chemical 3D pic     Salicylic Acid Powered Form

You probably haven’t heard of it before. But have you heard of the World Health Organization (WHO)? The WHO is a specialized agency within the United Nations. It deals with ALL medical and health related issues for the entire world, basically. Every 2 years the WHO updates a list known as the “Model List of Essential Medicines.” This list includes ALL essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical drugs. So it’s a Big deal to be listed on the WHO’s biennial list. Yep you guessed it…Salicylic Acid is on that list.

Salicylic Acid is in Aloe Vera…Yay! You see this important acid does some pretty cool things when it is ingested by the human body. It acts as a…

  1. Anti-Imflammaotory
  2. Fever Reducer

For someone who struggles with stomach pain and acid-reflux, these two attributes are beyond helpful! In fact the Most Important benefit of drinking Aloe Vera is that it calms down your entire intestinal tract. Having an inflamed stomach and intestinal tract is massively uncomfortable and is directly tied to acid-reflux, or GERD.

According to the Mayo Clinic Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic digestive disease. GERD occurs when stomach acid or, occasionally, stomach content, flows back into your food pipe (esophagus). The backwash (reflux) irritates the lining of your esophagus and causes GERD.

More then 60% of Americans will suffer from GERD at one time or anther in their life. Currently 30% of Americans suffer from weekly bouts with acid-reflux/GERD.

This is the first Blog Post about Aloe Vera that I have posted here. There will be many many more in the near future! FOLLOW THIS BLOG and I’ll be able to update you more effectively 🙂

Thanks for reading and give Drinking Aloe Vera a try! Please COMMENT BELOW and let me know if it helps…I believe it will! That’s why I write this stuff…to Help People so please let me know if it does or doesn’t Help You 🙂

7 Tricks to GAIN Lean Muscle and LOSE Belly Fat

40 Years Old...

40 Years Old…

YES it is possible to Lose Belly Fat AND Gain Lean Muscle! It is actually a simple process. You just need to do a few things correctly. I call these “Fitness Tricks.” I will explain more in this Blog post. These are extremely actionable items that you can start applying today.

If you apply even 1 of these Fitness Tricks, you will will start to Lean Out and have more Energy throughout the day.

Imagine what would happen if you did them all….the Leanest & Strongest You is what would happen:)!!! Keep reading and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions! Email Me Here

1) Anaerobic Animal Workout in the MorningSunrise

The maximum amount of time spent doing this type of workout should be 15 minutes, max. The sweet spot is between 10 and 15 minutes. You don’t need much equipment. Just a few dumbbells, or kettle balls, and a willingness to put in some work. The reason I call it the Anaerobic Animal Workout is because your heart rate should be substantially elevated during the entire exercise session. This ain’t your momma’s workout! The workout should include heavier weights with exercises such as a Squat Press, Burpee, Lunge, Military Press, Cleans, etc. You want to focus on performing as many compound exercises as possible. You should only rest 30-45 seconds between each exercise. The key is to keep moving. This will keep your heart rate jacked! You will burn a serious amount of Body Fat, and more importantly Belly Fat in the process!


2) Breakfast = Protien & Nuts Meat & Nut Breakfast

If you want to lose Belly Fat this is the most important food decision you can make. This concept is so important that I placed it in the #2 spot on the list of Fitness Tricks. I have several articles on my Blog dedicated to the Meat & Nut Breakfast. Click Here for more information

Do you ever feel exhausted in the middle of the day? Do you struggle with going to the gym after work because you are just too tired? Are you carrying around a spare tire in your midsection? Eating the Meat & Nut Breakfast will help you with all of these problems!

The type of Breakfast you eat is so important because what you eat in the morning dictates your chemical and hormonal balance throughout the entire day. If you start your day by consuming sugar, you will spike your insulin levels. When you spike your insulin in the morning you are basically telling your body that you want to ride a rollercoaster of insulin spikes and subterranean drops throughout the entire day. What goes up must come down. This is most likely why you struggle with afternoon fatigue and lethargy. So try eating the Meat & Nut Breakfast and give your energy and ultimately your metabolism a fighting chance.

3) Lift Weights (30-45 minutes only)Weight Room

There is so much to say here but I have to make this post brief. I will be writing a LOT more about this subject in the very near future:) You need to Lift Weights! All you need to do is hit those weights for 30-45 minutes, max. The goal with this time frame is to maintain a medium to high level of intensity. If you have enough time to have a 5 minute conversation in the Gym, then you are definitely not working out hard enough. The goal is to get in and out of the Gym and get Stronger & Leaner in the process.

Keep your rest periods between 30 and 60 seconds. That’s it. Focus on multi-joint movement exercises instead of focusing on “arms.” This means doing squats or deadlifts instead of doing biceps or triceps. Change your back and bicep day into a back and deadlift day. Remember the Goal here is to lose Belly Fat and Get Lean, not get your arms 1/16 of an inch larger.

Also stay around 15 reps per lift. Doing 6-10 repetitions when you are above 25% body fat isn’t going to help you get lean. Getting Lean is not about lifting the most amount of weight possible. It is about lifting medium to fairly heavy weight and developing Lean Muscle that will burn body fat while you do nothing. The more muscle you have, the higher your Resting Metabolic Rate will be. Muscle = Metabolism! You want to turn your body into a fat burning machine so increase your lean muscle mass and you’ll be burning body fat all day and night.

4) Limit CardioPeople doing cardio

Steady state cardio, which is cardiovascular work at a continuous and steady pace, will not help you get Lean. If you want to run because you love running then by all means do races, or run to clear your mind. But if you want to lose your Belly Fat and get a Lean Body, then you need to be doing Interval based cardiovascular work. This includes outdoor short distance sprinting. If you are in a gym, you can use the treadmill or elliptical machine to do what I call the “3:1 Split.” With this training you will do your cardio workout at a medium to medium-low intensity for 90 seconds, and then sprint for 30 seconds. And just keep repeating this process for 20 to 60 minutes. You can read more about Interval Training here:  Click Here for more information

5) Stop The Abdominal “Mania”Fat guy doing crunches pic 1

The definition of Mania is; “an excessive enthusiasm or desire, an obsession.” Working on your Abs will NOT get you a 6 pack! Losing Body Fat WILL get you a 6 pack. You will get Leaner and Lose Body Fat from tweaking your Food Intake and Lifting Weights (correctly on all fronts or course!) Doing Ab/Core exercises is important. In fact I have all of my clients doing Abdominal/Core training. But they only perform 1 true abdominal/core exercise a week. The rest of the time they are pushing, pulling, or squatting weight…and a lot of it! In summation, Abs are good to workout once or twice a week, but beyond that you are better off doing extra deadlifts, military presses, or any other compound movement with weight.

6) Eat Veggie at NightBowl of Broccoli

Find me a man or woman that doesn’t struggle with late night food cravings and I will introduce you to my unicorn;) We ALL want to eat tasty food that isn’t good for us, especially after a long and tiring day. The #1 reason people become obese is because they make horrible food choices, especially when they are alone at night. Yes, there are genetic factors involved, but eating out of emotional turbulence as opposed having a “fat gene” is what really makes people eat more, especially at night.

Here is a Trick that will help you Beat Those Late Night Cravings! Make a list of your top 3-5 green veggies. Choose which veggies you will eat throughout the week. Stock your fridge with those particular vegetables. When it gets dark, and those cravings kick in, grab a bowl of those veggies. Sprinkle a little oil and vinegar on those puppies and eat to your heart’s content. Here is a list of some of my favorite vegetable choices; raw spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and bok choy.)

7) Stay as Lean as PossibleBody Fat % Chart for Men

The unfortunate reality with the human body is that once it puts on a certain percentage of Body Fat, it will desperately try to keep it. This phenomenon is called “Set Point.” For example, if a male’s body is at 40% Body Fat for several years, his body becomes programmed to think that 40% is it’s homeostatic (normal) weight. Set Point can be undone, but it is more difficult to get leaner once the body passes 25% for males and 33% for females. If you are under the 25% and 33% number, then it will be easier for you to get and stay Lean. But if you are over those numbers do not despair! All it takes to Get Leaner and Lose that Belly Fat is to increase your Lean Muscle Mass and Eat correctly (not perfect.) It can be done and I’ll help ya do it!

Depression & Dark Days + GYM = Refuge & Relief

Flexing Pic

I am not sure how most of you deal with Depression. You know, those days when you can barely get out of bed because of the Deep Sorrow or Darkness in your Soul. Unfortunately a lot of the people on this planet use drugs, alcohol, or other substances to help them deal with their depression, or complete lack of “wanting to live” (as I call it). I hope my words here will help you realize that there is another way for any and all of the negative escape routes from that evil thing called Depression.

You see I struggle with Depression, always have…Yeeeeaaaa life! I’m kidding, it sucks!!! Well the last 4 days has been one of those familiar dark dark periods in my life. They come and they go…unfortunately at their will. And there is really no knowing when they will hit. And sometimes it will lasts for 1 day, sometimes for 2 weeks, but rarely longer then several months…Thank God!

Everybody wants to pretend that life is going Great and they are doing just fine, but it’s a lie. Most people are struggling with something, or someone, and they are walking around with something that they want or need to resolve or suffer through. We aren’t all walking around wounding and destroyed people…but to say that you are “just fine” all of the time is a lie. Life is Hard…for everybody.

Now I am a Jesus loving dude and my personal struggle with Depression absolutely brings me closer to my Lord, and for that I am Thankful 🙂 Now He doesn’t expect me to wallow in my personal pain. It’s not ok to just sit here and say “poor me” and blame God, or the world for my pain. Jesus gives us Blessings that will help carry us through this Fight. There are a TON of things like Friends, Family, Activities, etc that people rely on to help them during the deepest and darkest days of their lives. There is also something that we overlook. This one thing that God gives us as a Blessing is very very easily overlooked. It or more accurately “they” are everywhere, so we become numb to their existence. What I speak of is a Gym…plain and simply a building with weights and people. That’s all you need, and it’s a called a GYM.

You see, I understand the Gym to be a place of Sanctuary & Hope. To be perfectly honest, today is one of those deep and very dark days for me, and it has been like this for the last 4 days. It is a Struggle to get out of bed, or to do anything for that matter. It is just so easy to lay there and think how awful things are in my life and how “wronged” I was by so many people in my sad life. Poor poor me…Bullshit!!! I refuse to sit back and let my feelings dictate my life, more importantly I won’t let “how I feel” guide my day. You know what I do…I force myself to get out of bed, to walk outside, get in my car, and go to the GYM and I Lift Weights!!! And I don’t stop Lifting until I Can’t Move!!! I literally feel the darkness all around my stomach and heart and I just keep hitting those weights!!! This isn’t a game for me….I don’t dare go into the Gym and push around a few weights so I can say I tried. I go in there BROKEN and BEATEN DOWN by life and I JUST LIFT!!! That’s the answer to my Horrible Feelings and my Horrible Thoughts…I LIFT!!! When I am done life doesn’t magically get better BUT it does get just a little bit Easier to make it through this one day. And all I do is repeat that Gym experience, over and over again. And it just gets a fraction better each time and each day. Eventually I wake up and that dark and evil cloud of depression and pain are almost gone…it might still be there, but it’s hardly noticeable and for the first time in many many days or many months I feel ALIVE :)!!!!

I hope that if you are reading this and you are Struggling with Depression, or whatever it is that is Beating you down….that you will understand walking into the Gym won’t solve your problems…..BUT I Promise You that if you walk into that Gym and put EVERYTHING That Is IN YOU Into Your Workout, You Will see that the Gym is a Beautiful Place of Refuge & Respite 🙂

If you have any questions about any of this and want to chat about Workouts and how I design my Programs please just CLICK HERE and fill out the form and we’ll talk…I just wanna Help ya see the Beauty & Peacefulness of this Crazy & Wonderful place called a GYM 🙂

If you need some videos to Help you through the Toughest of Times, here are some links to some Amazing videos I watch pretty much everyday to keep me on track and help me through the lowest of lows:

  1. https://youtu.be/GwfhH8yDZQo
  2. https://youtu.be/Ps4hAQ_Fp5k
  3. https://youtu.be/26U_seo0a1g

I hope this helps and if you wanna reach me you can click that link and fill out the form, or you can reach me via my Facebook Page  Thanks so much for reading and I Hope this Helps 🙂

Seated Cable Row video…

There are many ways to do the Seated Cable Row…actually what I really should say is there are a TON of ways to incorrectly do the Seated Cable Row. I cringe when I walk into any Gym in the world, because 95% of the people doing this exercise are putting way too much pressure on their lumbar spine, as well as not actualizing any true scapula flexion or extension. Henceforth their Rhomboids are minimally engaged and consequently the whole point of performing the Seated Cable Row is at that point mute. Here is a video for all of you who are interested in seeing how the Seated Cable Row is properly executed. If you have any questions please feel free to hit me up @ www.FitnessWithAnimal.com. Thanks so much for being here and I Hope to see ya back again soon 🙂

[wpvideo xzU3xHa0]

Is Your Food is Killing You Softly?

Guest Blog Post by: Durham, England Personal Trainer Glenn Hill

Guest Blog about the crap that they put in our food

I have just been watching a video on social engineering and how agriculture and the food industry have totally changed the way we eat, for example more processed foods and fast food takeaways. Making people believe they are far too busy to cook and therefore we should eat takeaways and quick processed meals.

Have you noticed the way all of the junk food and processed foods are at eye level in the supermarket and the healthier stuff is hard to find, or even the amount of processed refined foods compared to organic or veg, salad and unprocessed meat and fish.

Something like 75% processed crap and 25% REAL food, lets be clear all the processed foods, which can last for months due to additives and preservatives, are not real food and are all poisoning us slowly.

Even the disparity in Supermarkets over macros, i.e.: loads more carbs than protein or good fats, which makes it very difficult to eat a balanced diet.

There is a picture of the 6 year old MacDonald’s meal. It was the last one sold in Iceland, and it looks the same today as it did when it was ordered in 2009. Full of preservatives which we eat this and give to our kids.

Just think about all the adverts for processed foods, busy mum or dad just getting through the door from work and just too tired to cook: boom big family bucket KFC, order from just eat (UK) and such like, I have done the just eat thing loads myself lol.

Through advertising and marketing we are being socially engineered into eating really bad foods that ARE making us fat, slow, unwell, stupid and we still believe it’s healthy. That’s what the advert says so it must be true: special K is not a flipping health food it’s a processed heavily refined carb, which I wouldn’t feed to my pooch.

We/Food Industry/Agriculture are causing the health epidemic its something like in western countries 70% of the billions spent in the health service are spent treating ailments that are totally preventable, type 2 diabetes, obesity etc. So why is the Government, who know this, not doing something about it? Conspiracy theories concerning pharmaceutical companies, who knows but I am not getting involved.

Watch at least the first part of this video about industry cooking your food “MacDonald’s chips, it’s unbelievable” then read the rest of my blog on the evil crap in your food.

YouTube Video link:

Interestingly foods should go off, and if you spent the next month just eating organic (food without chemicals/preservatives) you would be feeling amazing and most likely any illness or issue would suddenly clear up.

You are what you eat? are you a chemical or are you a human being?

There are growing number desperate individuals with certain Cancers that are starting up organic allotments and just eating chemical free foods, guess what’s happening? in the cases I have read and seen they have totally surpassed the medical life expectancy given by the doctors……STRANGE.


Ammonium sulfate is a preservative often used in bread. If you’ve ever cleaned with ammonia cleaner you know the smell alone can be vomit inducing, so why are we eating it? In fact most cleaners suggest you don’t breath it in, but mix it with some yeast and call it a roll and we’re all for it. Supposedly it is completely safe in low levels. You may also see this ingredient in your garden fertilizer.

L-cysteine is made from duck feathers or human hair and considered natural protein since it can be digested as an amino acid. It is used in several products from bread to, yep, you guessed it, cookie dough.

Titanium dioxide kind of makes us think that if we consume enough, we’ll probably become The Hulk. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on whom you ask, we don’t think that’s the case. It is often used in sunscreen as it can absorb UV rays. You’ll also find it in milk, salad dressings, frosting, and coffee creamer to name a few, leaving your internal organs completely protected against UV exposure.

Butylated hydroxyanisole more commonly known as BHA, is a phenol-based food preservative that serves as an antioxidant for food. It prevents food from going rancid likely at the expense of your internal organs. Due to a recent study that found it causes cancer in laboratory animals, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has labeled BHA as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.” Besides your food, you’ll find it in medicines, food packaging and animal feed.

Butylated hydroxytoluene or BHT, is a food preservative similar to BHA that also prevents oils in food from becoming rancid. You’ll also find it in cosmetics, jet fuel, rubber and embalming fluid. Next time you see it on the ingredients label, ask yourself if you’d be willing to take a chug of fuel or, say, embalming fluid. No? Then, you should probably buy something else.

Sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate are commonly used to preserve meat products. It prevents bacteria growth and helps meat retain its red color. In addition, it adds a good flavor to salty meats like bacon. Before you order a BLT, you should know that it is also used in metal coatings, chemical reacting agents for photography and in textile dyes.

Sodium benzoate is a preservative used in acidic liquids such as vinegar, juices or soft drinks. It is also found in food products such as margarine and fast food hamburgers. Sodium benzoate is also used in fireworks and makes a great rocket fuel. Happy 4th of July!

Potassium bromate is most often found in bread products as it improves the quality of flour. Even very small doses can be harmful, and it has been banned in Canada, Europe and even China but not the U.S. Your food label may not include the term but beware of anything that includes “enriched flour,” which most likely contains this toxic substance. While the U.S. still allows this ingredient to be used, many companies including Orowheat and Pepperidge Farm and supermarkets like Whole Foods have banned the use of the additive in their products.

Artificial sweeteners including sucralose, saccharin and sorbitol may be calorie free but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any impact on your body. The thing is, no one is really sure what their impact is, but these chemicals are likely doing more harm than good. In fact some have been shown to actually disrupt your metabolism making it more difficult to lose weight and easier to gain it. They can also cause headaches, dizziness and some studies link them to cancer. Skip the fake stuff and rely on small amounts of natural sugar or fresh fruit to feed your sweet tooth.

Hey that’s enough scare mongering from me, but it is food for thought. Hopefully you watched the video about MacDonald’s chips….CRAZY.

Hopefully you liked my guest blog on Foods, for more info on the stuff that I do please follow my website link below;

I am a Personal Trainer and Coach that uses the sub conscious mind and nervous system to get the best from my clients, using Neuro Linguistic Programing, BodyMapping and Applied Movement Neurology.

Glenn Hill | Chester Le Street | Durham | 07983570574


How to Correctly perform the Dumbbell Military Press…

Hello there Awesome Peps! Here is a short video showing you Exactly how to correctly perform Dumbbell Military Presses. 95% of the Gym population out there do these wrong. This exercise should Strengthen your shoulders and not destroy them. The key to this movement is to put the work into the Shoulder Muscles, and NOT into the joint itself, or on the connective tissue. Please watch this and make your shoulders Strong & Stable! If you want to learn more please visit me on my website @ www.FitnessWithAnimal.com

Correct Way to do a Dumbbell Chest Press…

Hello Awesome FwA Peps 🙂 Here is a video that will help you effectively execute a Dumbbell Chest Press. Doing this movement correctly will Strengthen your Pecs and keep the pressure off of your Rotator Cuff, therefore making your shoulder Strong & Pain Free….Yeeeaaa!!! If you have any questions about this movement or video, please feel free to sign up for the Fitness with Animal email list and email me 🙂 You can find the sign up form for the Email List on my website @ www.FitnessWithAnimal.com. Thanks for being here and I wish you ALL the Best in your Fitness Travels!!!

[wpvideo Lrf7102s]

You can always reach me @ www.FitnessWithAnimal.com

Anaerobic Threshold = Lean & Strong Body!

Getting Buff!

What exactly is Anaerobic Threshold? Technically it is exercise that is so Intense that lactic acid starts to accumulate in the blood at an exponential rate. Basically it is when the body is working so hard that the “burn” in the muscle becomes acutely real and powerfully intense. And as far as this Animal is concerned Anaerobic Threshold Training is exactly what people need in order to get Real Results with their Fitness program! Everybody I train, and yes I mean Everybody, sees Results!!! I tell people this and for some reason they don’t believe me or they think I am exaggerating. Most people that try their own workout program see minimal, to zero, results so I guess they think that because they can’t get results nobody else can either. Today’s short essay is a little window into exactly why ALL of my clients are seeing staggering Fitness Results.

I train everyone of my clients with Anaerobic Threshold in mind…for every single set! I want as much muscle being worked as possible and absolutely as Intensely as possible. For example, I tell people all the time that I don’t believe in doing lame “abdominal” work. Why? Because a crunch is a complete waste of time! So is steady state cardio by the way! Are you Shocked? If so please read my Fitness material and writings and you will learn more about this concept. Now back to how to really train utilizing Anaerobic Threshold. Here is exactly what I want for all of my clients…to get LEAN & STRONG!!! Here’s a Fun Fact for you…I have several 60 year old women who can lift more weight then most 30 year old men. Are they lean you ask…Heck Yea they are!!! If you are wanting to find a workout that is easy and lets you stay comfortably fat and out of shape, then you are definitely reading the wrong guy’s stuff. Ok so why do crunches suck and how should abdominal work should really be done with Anaerobic Threshold in mind. I have ALL of my clients do torso work like “Hip Shoots” and “Hip Switches” so that they are engaging their abdominals in a major way.  So that they are using their abdominals in unison with their entire torso and not in an isolated and lame movement pattern like a “ab crunch.” This means massively better overall muscle activation during the exercise. By themselves the abs are such a small muscle. They are actually classified as a “Flat Muscle.” Which is defined by webster’s dictionary as; “relatively thin and sheetlike.” So it’s flat and not big at all, especially when you compare it to other muscles in the body. Now how much lactic acid can a flat muscle like the abdominal produce by itself? The answer is not much at all, especially when you contrast it to what a gluteus maximus or latimus dorsi can produce. You see if you want to get LEAN & STRONG then you have to work the muscles that will get you there faster and more effectively. That is why doing an ab crunch is pointless! Instead you should be focusing on doing Hip Shoots, Lat Pulldowns, or a Barbell Squat Presses so you can reach that Anaerobic Threshold and start hitting your Goals Today:)

And as Always please feel free to check out my website and Join my Private Fitness Email List. You can do so by filling out the  box on the front page @ www.FitnessWithAnimal.com. The box is the one to the right of the pictures:) I send out way more Cool & Free Fitness Stuff on the Email List:)

Thanks for reading!!!

Compound Lifts will keep you Safe!

Let’s talk about lifting some weights! I’m going to broach the subject of Compound Lifts. The Animal definition of a true Compound Lift is as follows; “a badass exercise that utilizes multiple muscles and has a substantial energy output resulting in massive Real Fitness Results!” So I’m not a scientist and my wording isn’t perfect but you get the point…Compound Lifting Rules! In this essay I promise to explain some of the major factors as to why these lifts are far superior to a bicep curl or a chest press, and why doing Compound Lifts will keep you Safe & Sound in this crazy thing called life:)

Single joint movement exercises are definitely not a waste of your time, and totally have their place in an effective exercise program but compound lifts are just so much better:) You see lifting weights is essentially “trauma” on the body. I know it sounds weird to think that you are traumatizing your body when you exercise. You should see the looks I get from my new clients when I tell them that we are going to “safely traumatize” their body as much as their torso’s will allow. The most fundamental truth in all weight lifting, heck exercise in general, is that muscle needs to be torn so it can heal and grow. Henceforth in order to get the biggest bang for your buck in the Gym, we need to traumatize as much muscle as possible. Compound lifts allow us to tear 4-10 times as much muscle fiber, and that makes the body Stronger & Leaner, which is exactly why we want to be in the Gym in the first place.

I work with a LOT of people who have injuries. I also work with a lot of people who have been injured due to lack of physical activity in their life. Most of that is age related, but not all. Some of my clients who are in their 30’s and 40’s have spent zero to very little time in the gym throughout their lives. Because of their inexperience in the Gym and lack of physical activity in general their overall muscle strength, as well as their balance and internal stability has gone to..…well you know not good:( And because of this they have had, or are extremely susceptible to a fall. Now if “falling” doesn’t sound scary to you, then I would like you to really think about what falling means. It can ruin your life for months or possibly even years. For example I had a client who was getting on a bus in downtown Seattle, and because of her lack of torso strength and stability, she fell as she was taking a step to get on the bus. She proceeded to fall and tore her ACL as well as fracturing her hip. She was 32 years old. She had a family to take care of and a full time job. Needless to few years of her life were not easy. She was not an uncoordinated individual by any means, but her ability to do physical activity was just not there. Before this injury she had no interest in spending any time in a Gym or working on her torso strength. Her story seems unique and incomprehensible to most 32 year olds. Most of whom unfortunately still have that feeling of invincibility that so many teenagers are beaming with. Unfortunately I have so many stories like this and they come from people of ALL ages who until they started training with me would be susceptible to life altering injuries.

So how do we make sure we are not someone who is vulnerable to a life changing fall? We lift weights…Yes! but more specifically we “Become More Athletic!” This seems to be a novel concept when I explain it to my clients. My primary clientele are not competitive athletes. I define a competitive athlete as someone who is getting paid to perform an athletic endeavor. A lot of my clientele will run races, compete in biking events, or do other physical activities in a competitive environment, but they aren’t getting paid to play basketball, football, etc. so I don’t consider them “professional athletes.” So when I tell my clients that my goal with them is to make them as athletic as possible I explain it this way. I want them to be Fit enough to do ANY physical activity that they want to do. I also want them to build enough torso Strength and Stability that they never have to worry about being injured from a fall, tripping, or any related potentially painful event. I want them to be athletic enough to be able to get through life physically unscathed and do Any and All of the Fun physical activities that their heart desires!

Now the easiest and most simplistic way to make someone more athletic is to get as many of their muscle fibers firing as possible. Balance work on a bosu ball has it’s place, as well as many other stability exercises. BUT the fastest way to make someone more athletic is to get them doing Compound Exercises, and the more dynamic the better! I have some truly Amazing 30 through 80 year old men and women doing Squats, Deadlifts, and Barbell Clean & Presses:) Do you think they have to worry about breaking an arm or hip because they fall at home or the grocery store? No way!!! Their bodies are ridiculously Stable and Strong! They have to be if they are able to correctly execute the myriad of compound lifts I have them doing. Can they run a 5 minute mile or dunk a basketball….who cares:)!!! Their bodes are athletic enough to lift a heavy weight from the ground and press it over their head, or hold half of their body weight over their head while they are performing a set of perfect Walking Lunges. That is what I call being “Athletic!”

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Day by Day, Week by Week, Month by Month….

Hello there Fitness with Animal Peps! I Hope your day is Straight Rocking!!!

I am going to talk a little bit about how Real Fitness works. “Real Fitness” as I define it is; “the difficult yet Fun path to a Healthier, more Robust, and absolutely more Productive Life.” Notice I said “the difficult path.” I am not going to sugar coat the obvious; eating bad tastes good, and it is sooooo much easier to sit on the sofa with some tasty ice cream and watch a movie as opposed to spending 30-45 minutes in the Gym. Trust me I know because I myself am a Huge Fan of ice cream and sitting on a sofa with a good movie!

Now we shall discuss the “Fun” part of Real Fitness. It is Fun! Personally I go into the Gym and am only pumped to lift about 30% of the time. That’s not necessarily the “Fun” part for me. The Fun part for me is the Community of people I am constantly exposed to, the Amazing Results I get to see in my life, and honestly just feeling better almost all of the time. When I am eating bad and not lifting, then I am 1,000 times more lethargic:( and not motivated to do anything Productive in the least bit. I end up not doing the Amazing Fitness & Business stuff I love to do, and I am not able to sit down and read ridiculous amounts of amazing books, which I totally Love to do:) I would say for me personally “Just Showing Up” at the Gym and lifting literally makes my life much more Awesome. Now Everybody has their own take on what is Fun for them. Maybe sitting in a coffee shop and reading and writing isn’t your cup of tea but I Promise you that whatever you Love to do in your free time will be a 1,000 percent better, and you will also be easily motivated to do a ton of super Productive things! All you have to do is “Show Up” and spend some quality time in the Gym.

I figure the “Healthier, more Robust, and absolutely more Productive Life” aspect of Real Fitness is pretty straight forward. Real Fitness will allow you to basically live a “More Awesome Life!” And the most amazing part of living a Fit and ultimately a more Awesome lifestyle will be that you will live a vastly more active and healthy life as you age. I tell all of my training peps that real weight lifting is the anti-aging cure that everybody is searching for. There is not a supplement or food known to man that will keep you young and viral the way lifting real weights will! Eating very well will absolutely help you feel younger and slow down the negative effects of aging. But there is nothing in the anti-aging department that rivals or surpasses doing proper Squats, Deadlifts, other compound movements, or doing proper Press & Pull exercises! So if you want to climb mountains, train Jiu Jitsu, or hike around the world in your 90’s start hitting the weights and we can both do all 3 of those things together as we go through our 90’s…Aw Yea!!!

Let’s talk a little bit about our Emotions and how they play into this whole Real Fitness thing. Personally I know when I am feeling super Loved and Cared for Lifting is easy. When I feel depressed, upset, or just drained emotionally I have a very very hard time getting into the Gym. Remember the 30% I was talking about? That 70% of me not wanting to be in the Gym is basically where my emotional self is saying to me, excuse me, I mean screaming at me; “ice cream on the sofa Now!!!” How do I get away from that self destructive inner voice? I do it by living Day by Day, Week by Week, & Month by Month! I don’t think about how many times I didn’t make it into the Gym last week or how I am only going to make it in once or twice this week. I do not concentrate on the past or future b/c they are completely out of my control!!! I could literally be hit by a falling space meteor tomorrow and there would be no more Animal on this earth. I have zero control over the past and the future! Let that sit in your mind for a second…..now think about how truly Freeing that is:) All you can do RIGHT NOW is make a choice to get Fitter and Healthier, and that’s it! Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. Let the past be past. You are you literally in the Right Now…what can you do to make your life, at this very moment, Healthier & Fitter? Go to the Gym, ride your bike, take that walk, hike that trail, or whatever it is that you need to do so that your life is Healthier, more Robust, and absolutely more Productive! Now I think Everybody should be in the Gym and doing Real Weight Lifting at least 2, hopefully 3 times a week. So being the Trainer I am, I encourage you to Lift Weights as often as you can so that you will be able to do all the other Fun Fitness and Outdoor stuff you want to do. But most importantly just make that Fitness decision for today, this hour, heck this second and be in a better physical place today…You Can Do It!!!